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The Goose

Or is it a swan?

This guy came into the shelter today. A Good Samaritan dropped him off. He was wandering down a very busy street, very close to the highway. He is as big as a person. He is so big, we have to keep him in a dog kennel! Poor goose. Or is it Poor swan?

One of my coworkers thinks she might know where this guy came from. She called down to a local mobile home park, but all of their geese (or is it swans?) are present and accounted for. They referred her to another park that has birds. Hopefully this goose (or is it a swan?) will be in tomorrow to reclaim him.


At 12:59 PM, Blogger thb said...

i am trying to remember where i saw the swans smimming around (not the hotel bel air)...was somewhere else, maybe in the slough. BIG and white...this could be a wild one. there are also swans swimming in pond in marina. thb

At 8:31 PM, Blogger shelter worker said...

well, this goose was in fact a swan. she came from a mobile home park up the hill. she was scheduled to get picked up today, but her owners were quite disappointed that our vet was not willing to clip her wings- they think she'll continue to be RAL (roaming at large) without a good trim.

hey, Bel Air? Trailer Park? not too different...


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