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Dog in the Trap

I helped carry a dog into the shelter a couple of days ago. This poor girl was freaked out of her mind. She was in a metal cage, big enough for a great dane. She had been running around at somebody's farm, ownerless, for about a month. Every time an Officer tried to catch her, she got away. They had to trap her. There is nothing more pathetic than a dog in a trap.

This dog was wearing three collars- she was once someone's dog. When we finally got her out of the trap, she was totally shut down. She wouldn't walk on a leash. The officer wrapped a leash around her nose so she couldn't bite him and carried her inside. She didn't even murmur a complaint. She hid next to him while we completed the intake process into the shelter.

I've been hanging out with this dog, to see if she's going to make it at the end of her stray period. She is a really friendly dog, clearly traumatized by whatever happened during the month in the fields. She is re-learning to walk on a leash. She likes to give kisses, and rest her head on my leg. And, she's pregnant. We'll see if this girl can overcome her rough first year in life and her even rougher welcome to the shelter. Right now I'm optimistic.


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