Pound Pooch

diary of a shelter worker.


two puffed poodles and four control poled chihuahuas

we have had 2 poodles sitting in our stray kennels for ten days now. they are a breeding pair, from the looks of the female's teats. they were also a disgusting shade of dirty-pee-stained-yellow. these guys came in about six months ago, and were reclaimed, intact (i.e.: not spayed/neutered). they were super matted and disgusting- covered in grime and pee. they went home with an agreement that their owner MUST get them in better shape. clearly, he didn't. when they came back this time, they were even worse off.

we worked on cleaning up the girl a little, taking off clumps of hair that revealed that this dog that appeared to be a miniature poodle hidden under matts was probably closer to being a 5lb bichon. the thing was tiny! she was such a good sport, too. but the dogs were in too bad of shape for anything but a professional to handle. fortunately, there is a groomer nearby who donates her services to these cases- giving "makeovers," as she calls them, to dogs in need. when they came back, they were practically naked, shaved, sweatered, half their original size, but much healthier.

we had a lottery for them and they will be going home today.

i also helped an officer bring in four chihuahuas that had been confiscated from the van they had been living in. the van was full of feces- i saw pictures that i would not have believed. i had spoken to the owner of the dogs on numerous occasions, explaining to him that he needed to clean up the van and get the dogs fixed. he insisted he would. but when the officer went out for his final check, the dogs were living in a foot of poop.

the officer stuck his gloved hand into the van and immediately all four dogs latched on. i have never seen such violent dogs, and i have seen all kinds of aggression. we control poled them to get them out of the animal control vehicle, and each one frightened me. it is a strange sensation to be afraid of an 8 pound dog on the end of a control pole.

the owner is trying to reclaim these dogs. i do not know if he will be able to do that, if he really understands what he has done to them.


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